And if by forever, you mean summer, then yes.

January 9, 2009

On my previous post about USF, I think I might have taken it a bit too far.  Okay, so forever isn’t really forever, in fact forever for me is July. 

As of Monday, I was borderline bipolar.  I started out excited to go to class.  Then, as the day wore on, I realized that I didn’t pay rent yet this month, and tuition was due Friday.  Crap.  My Tampa Electric bill is late.  My car payment is due on the 22nd, Verizon was due on the 1st.  This is not looking good.

I got a short term loan for $1000 from USF – and shortly after I did I got the email from the registar’s office  saying I could take 19 hours (how many I need to graduate in the spring).  Too bad I can’t afford to pay for 19 hours this semester, or I totally would.

So I’ll return to USF this summer for the two classes I need to finish my degree.  I was really worked up about this, but I’ve come to peace with the idea.  Taking 13 hours this semester (four of which are internship/directed reading credits) will allow me to have ample time to be the Account Executive for my team in Advanced PR.

Earlier this semester, when the board of professors was selecting the Bateman team for 2009, I emailed all of them and told them why I would be an asset to the team.  Only one out of the four professors knew my work and knew who I was, so I wasn’t selected.  That professor that does know me, however, is the department head and teaches Advanced PR. 

After the Bateman team was selected, she pulled me aside and told me that she strongly suggests that I apply for the Account Executive position for the teams in Advanced PR.  This position puts me in charge of six of my classmates while we create a campaign from start to finish for a client.  Well, I got it.

I am ready to tackle the AE position because for me, it’s like practice for after graduation, without the risk of getting fired.  This is a time to learn from mistakes, and improve my skills to gain the confidence I need to set foot into a world outside of the classroom.


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