Instant Gratification – Staying True to Gen Y Stereotypes

January 5, 2009

Extra, extra, read all about it!  Being obsessed with instant results is a part of being a card-holding member of Gen Y.  Critics of Gen Y, including this guy say we’re too lazy, we’re spoiled, we have a tremendous sense of entitlement and that we’re too self-centered.  Well, sure, I slept in until noon every day of my winter break, I treated myself to fine wine and new clothes when I should have been saving for spring semester, and I emailed my career mentor and asked her for Christmas present advice – does that make me a bad person?  Maybe.  But it’s unlikely.  As someone recently told me, my “pros far outweigh my cons”.  And to you sir, I say duh and thank you.

Not wanting to disappoint the critics, and staying true to the perceptions of Gen Y, I needed some instant gratification after realizing the results from killing myself on the treadmill won’t show up overnight. So while I wait for the calories to burn, I thought I’d give my blog a facelift.

I imagine like my hairstyle, this new blog theme won’t hold for long – but it’s way better than that basic WordPress default.

I’m off to my first class of spring semester.  I’ll update everyone on what I decided to do about school after I get out of class, so sit tight – it’s coming.

How was your holiday season?  Do you have a resolution?  What do you think of the new look for Sydney On: PR & New Media?


One comment

  1. Your posts are always witty! Enjoy reading them and more in the future! Good luck with the Spring Semester.

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