USF = U Stay Forever

December 13, 2008

::screams in frustration::

My excitement for graduation came one semester too soon.  As it stands, I will have to take one class this summer.  At USF you can only take 18 hours at a time, and I need 19 to graduate.  So instead of graduating in the spring and being done, I’ll walk in the spring, and return for one class this summer.

USF = U Stay Forever

I have been going to school non-stop since I started back up at Valencia in Fall 2006.  It’s enough to make me go crazy.

So now, I ask you….



  1. What?! Can’t you petition to take 19 hrs?

  2. nisha is right…most of the time you can go to your college’s adviser and petition to take more than than 18. and if if that doesn’t work, i’d prob split up the hours between spring and summer since you’re gonna be there anyways. no sense in killing yourself with that many credits if you don’t have to. good luck

  3. […] Y Stereotypes And if by forever, you mean summer, then yes. January 9, 2009 On my previous post about USF, I think I might have taken it a bit too far.  Okay, so forever isn’t really […]

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