The economy is jeopardizing my timely graduation.

December 9, 2008

…and that pisses me off.

Well, a number of things have led to this.  My dad’s accountant forgot to credit me for driving a hybrid and for my education part of my W-2 last year, so I still haven’t gotten an amended W-2.  No W-2 means no FAFSA.  No FAFSA means no federal loans.  The economy is so crappy right now that I can’t get a private loan from anyone (Chase has been my go-to for this, and they can’t even help me).  My parents are in no position to shell out cash for college, nor would I ever ask them to.  I’ve paid for my education on my own for this long – there is no way I’m not graduating on time because of ONE FREAKING SEMESTER.

So what do I do?  I need ideas and I need them fast.  If I’m going to graduate on time, that means I need nearly $2300 before the first day of classes or they drop me.  And if I get dropped, I can’t get back into the classes I had to get permits for because there is a waiting list a mile long.

If all else fails, I’m not opposed to going half time and finishing up in the Summer – but I’m so close I could cry and it’s taken so long to get here. I can definitely come up with half of the tuition before the first day of class, and maybe that could be my selling point.

I have a meeting today with the student obudsman’s office – “don’t stop, don’t drop” is their catch phrase – so hopefully something good will come of this.  This is making a huge dent on my ego/pride because I’m thisclose to being done and being able to say that I came up with all my resources on my own.  And now, with one semester left to go, I feel like I’m failing myself – like I didn’t work hard enough to figure this out on my own.  I always figure it out.  This is new to me, this moment of panic where I realize – I might not graduate because for the first time, I haven’t been able to come up with the resources to pay for it.

Otherwise – I’m picking out a block on Nebraska or something.


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