How social media has changed me.

November 13, 2008

I remember sitting in the basement at my parents house, writing on Xanga. I remember them saying, “Sydney, you should make that private, you never know who’s out there”. And now, here I am on here and blogging with Brazen Careerist, following people on Twitter and facebook-ing my face off. My how things have changed.

I know a lot of their caution probably had something to do with the fact that I was 18-20 years old when I had my Xanga. Naturally, they didn’t want their daughter expressing every detail of her social calendar at KU and opening herself up to a sweet stalker or better yet, a sexual predator. But still, how things have changed.

My mom is on Facebook, both of my parents are on MySpace. Mainly as a tool to keep tabs on the happenings down here in Tampa since they are in Orlando, but they use them to network as well. I want to bring social media to my dad’s travel agency. I think it could really enhance his business, since it’s all run from his website anyway.

I wonder what kind of social media could contribute to the online-travel business.  My dad has a good thing going, and I’d like to make it even better.

So, some food for thought. Are there any great books on social media out there? Journal articles? I need to read two books and two journal articles to contribute to my 10-page paper due at the end of next semester.

In other news, last night I spoke with Penelope about my resume. We have started to turn it into a viable sales tool. What are we selling? Me! She also mentioned a conference that I would be stupid not to attend, South by Southwest. It’s imperative that I go, because it will give me credibility in social media and will contribute wonderful things to my directed reading.  Plus, it has unlimited networking opportunities.

Per Penelope’s advice, I’m going to go find out my Myers Brigg Score the efficient way: with a coffee and a sweet spot in Barnes and Noble.


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