Goosebump Tally

November 7, 2008

I know I’m way behind on viewing Obama’s speech from election night, but I am in awe.  Never before have I been so involved in an election – and I didn’t even scratch the surface on what other people had done.

Goosebump tally: 11.  I got goosebumps 11 times during the 16+ minute speech.  That’s impressive. 

I wonder what it takes to become a speech writer.  I wonder what it takes to get involved with that campaign in the White House.  I’m serious about wanting to intern there.  The use of new media on this campaign still blows me away.  Obama’s presence as a household name before becoming President-elect was strong because he was everywhere.

Kudos to David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager.  High five to David Axelrod for a job well done. 

As graduation approaches, and my interests in PR expand with each professional that I meet, I find myself torn between several different specialties in PR. 

  • Thanks to Tim McIntyre, the comm guy for Dominos, I’m leaning towards crisis management. 
  • Because of David Plouffe, I want to experience political PR. 
  • Thanks to the Rays for being a team that nobody believed in, to American League Champions, who was totally rebranded before the beginning of this season, I want to do sports PR. 
  • Because I feel so strongly about certain companies, I’d love to do corporate PR. 
  • My love for medicine and the energy I get from being in a hospital – I’d love to do healthcare PR.

The fact that I’m enrolled for my last semester at USF is really causing me to focus on where I go from here.  I’ll continue bartending for a good while, as the hours are cake, the money is insane, it won’t interfere with a day-job and it’ll allow me to have some room to breathe as I take that first step into the “real world”.

I anticipate that my schedule won’t change much once I get that first PR job.  I’ll be at work instead of in school – and since I’m balancing both working full time and school full time, and living to tell about it, I think this will be a piece of cake.

More on that later, I’m off to a Cision webinar.


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