Internship Update

November 3, 2008

As I come into my second month here at Moffitt, I figured I’d update what life is like in the day of a Moffitt media relations intern.

Today, for example, I picked up where I left off with my current projects. I am currently writing three releases, all different in their own right. Recently, a lot of what I’m writing is in regards to different physicians being awarded all kinds of grants and prestigious recognition and the like. Right now, I’m working on two that have to do with recognition, and one is a new hire.

When I’m not researching for press releases, I skim the local publications for mentions of Moffitt. Each week I put together “Moffitt in the News” which is part of the daily internal newsletter, What’s Happening at Moffitt. It outlines all of the stories in the news with links to each story.

I also call our media contacts to make sure they are current, and I file a lot of different stuff. Patient releases get mailed out to patient records and we keep a copy as well.

I feel like I should be doing something all the time, since that is the pace I’m used to in the restaurant industry. But here, it’s okay to have down time, which is unfamiliar to me.

That will be the hardest thing to adjust to, the pace.

I’m learning so much, it’s crazy! Now the question that plagues me: what kind of PR will I enjoy the most?

xoxo Sydney


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