Respect at Work

October 31, 2008

So the two areas of work I’ll ever blog about are bartending (to pay for school) or my internships (to make school worth it).

Today: Bartending

I’m new to the full-time bartender scene, but I’ve been with my current restaurant for over two years. I can honestly say that I love my job. Saying it’s work is not fair – because it isn’t. I have so much fun back there, I’m allowed to be myself, instead of all formal and uptight like I was on the floor.

In case you don’t know me personally, I work at a swanky, high-end steakhouse, so let me set the mood. Champagne, fine wine and scotches, not body shots. Just to clear the air.

Respect in the workplace. I’m earning it. There is a bartender that’s been there for 11 years. She created the clientèle we have today from scratch and that place is her baby. Monday through Thursday, she has people lining up to sit on her side of the bar (it’s a big bar). For them to promote me to full time bartender is them taking a huge chance that I could royally screw up whatever she has going on in those four walls.

I think I’m doing well. So do my managers. And so does she. Last night, and for the past couple nights, she’s been very vocal about how well I’m adjusting to the new role. Who doesn’t love a compliment? She’s very consistent, however. She’ll be the first one to compliment you and the first one to point out an error. And she always manages to do both in a way that make you feel good about yourself. I think that shows qualities of a true leader (ooh, a new blog idea).

I can’t wait until I’m able to write something similar about someone that I work with in PR. It will be then that I know that I’ve finally reached a place where my hours and hours and hours of working hard to get this degree is worth it.

I’m off to Orlando to see the doctor, then straight back to work! Love those 18-hour days!

Ooh, and Happy Halloween!
xoxo Sydney


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