September 4, 2008

Okay so I don’t know why I waited so freaking long to join PRSSA… I guess it was a little bit of everything I went through last year with moving and relationships and all that jazz, but regardless, I joined.

Today we had the Open House meeting and there were a TON of people there. I joined the marketing committee, where I’ll hopefully be able to contribute some of what I’ve learned doing the marketing for Charley’s, and apply it to this organization.

I read up on conference and I’m trying to find plane tickets and figure out how much it’ll end up costing me – but I definitely plan on going.

What I’m most excited about out of all of this is the Bateman competition. I made it perfectly crystal clear to all of the faculty involved that I am very interested in being part of the Bateman team. How cool would it be to earn the APR credits through practical application from start to finish, not just through simulations in the classroom?? Only five students are selected, so hopefully I am one of them. Regardless, it’s an incredible opportunity, and if I’m not selected, I’ll definitely learn something in the process.

Let’s see, what else? I signed up for Pair with a Professional – a job shadowing opportunity where you get to pair up with a pro and boggle their mind with questions, get a real glimpse of what life is like in the biz and obviously, a bit more experience.

Tomorrow at 1p.m. I have an interview with the President of XFC – Xtreme Fighting Championships. Similar to UFC, but it’s founded here in Tampa, and they have a gym on Nebraska. I found the opportunity through a customer that I waited on on Friday at work, he knows Jack Glasure, head of the Glasure Group, a really awesome PR firm here in Tampa. I mentioned what I was studying in school and he said he knows a lot of people in the biz and to contact him with my resume and all that jazz. I did, and no kidding, 15 minutes later I was setting up an interview with one of the Glasure Group’s clients, XFC.

More on that after the interview!

You know you love me,
xoxo Sydney


One comment

  1. It sounds like the universe is on your side in your pursuits in the PR field.

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